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10 Reasons Why Raising Children in Africa Beats North America

  I say Africa, but I mean any non financially privileged place…     1) Depth.   It means these children will be rich in gratitude; the opposite of spoiled. Can’t afford less. They will have adaptability in a variety of circumstances, higher capacity to function effectively in situations mono-cultural children may find unbearable. These…

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New Years Wrecker

So how was everybody’s New Years celebrations? Mine was ok. Just keepin it real ya know? I took the above panoramic photo of my parents when we were out for breakfast one morning. My parents are AMAZING. They’ve been through so much. Even after drinking several cups of rejection, they’ve turned out pretty great. Check…

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Pet Paintings for Christmas

Hey what’s your favorite pet? Dog? Cat? Iguana? Do you like to dress up your pet? In those cute little weatherproof outfits? Hey. I live in North America. Updates? My piano skills are being resurrected, as I’d stopped playing since February of ’05. Now I’m learning at least one amazing song a day. It’s dramatically…

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New Works

These are nowhere near finished but I thought I’d post some progress shots of current work…(oils on canvas) I’m experimenting with painting different kinds of things: huge waves, water types, more pets, and a huge macro style flower (not shown). Eventually I’ll have more variety of inventory to exhibit, and not just physically impoverished children;…

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I have discovered an ease of creativity in painting fur. This could be huge. Although I could use some education on the subject. Robert Bateman if you’re reading this, please consider taking me on as an art student. I can come to Salt Spring Island no problem. I won’t be too high maintenance I promise!…

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Moss Street and Beyond

For all of you who DID make it out to last weekend’s Art Exhibit, yeah!!! I only got slightly sunburned, instead of the usual bursting into flames. It was fun to meet people from the 35,000 visitors that walked through the event. Now in its 26th year, the Paint-In is a community outreach initiative featuring…

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Welcome to Awake Ministries!

Welcome to Awake Ministries. Our website is currently under construction. In the meantime you can contact: Phoebe Keeran 250-882-3206 phoebe.keeran (at)

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