For all of you who DID make it out to last weekend’s Art Exhibit, yeah!!!

I only got slightly sunburned, instead of the usual bursting into flames. It was fun to meet people from the 35,000 visitors that walked through the event. Now in its 26th year, the Paint-In is a community outreach initiative featuring 180+ invited professional and emerging artists from Victoria and surrounding areas. Artists take their studios to the street to display and produce their work on Moss Street between Fort Street and Dallas Road.

That day kind of had an “Urban Art” outdoor feel since as many of you know, I have been painting 5 foot canvases at that particular store in the Bay Centre mall downtown Victoria. It has been one of the most high traffic areas in all of Victoria and I have been extremely grateful to have that rewarding opportunity for exposure, and a few major commissions. My time there, however, is coming to an end. And while I’ve agreed to secrecy in the short term as to why, all will be revealed in due time:)

In the meantime, that limbo space of “what’s NEXT”, I am definitely pursuing many different exciting avenues, including social networking groups, insurance broker and lawyer to help sort out the interesting details of taking teams of people to third world countries and getting some ACTION in place for Awake Ministries. I hope to also host my very own exhibit at some point, and sell some of these beauties:) (see “Art Shop” on this site).

I am drawing some income from counselling (which is very slow since the sun has come out and everyone seems cured!). Fortunately for them but unfortunately for me, that puts me out of work, and I am handing out resumes to places that could use my degree. It’s pretty competitive in Vic though so, we’ll just see where that goes. I have committed to not despising small beginnings. I realize this takes risk, but I am counting the cost.

I am not in a huge rush, not feeling as “radical and intense” as I was two years ago say, but I have a lot of peace about pacing through the stages of growing this non-profit child ;)

Me at the Moss Street Paint-In Not Getting Sunburnt!

Me at the Moss Street Paint-In Not Getting Sunburnt!