I have discovered an ease of creativity in painting fur. This could be huge. Although I could use some education on the subject. Robert Bateman if you’re reading this, please consider taking me on as an art student. I can come to Salt Spring Island no problem. I won’t be too high maintenance I promise!

I have discovered the benefits of pets lately. At first I had strong feelings of doubt about pursuing the painting of pets, until I tried it. My first animal commission was an African elephant, which had several people interested in purchasing immediately. It sold for $800. I couldn’t figure out why it was so popular, but that doesn’t matter one bit!!!



The second success was a leopard, which I was commissioned to paint again on a smaller scale.




And most recently, a family dog. I wish I had taken a picture of the customers’ joy upon receiving the painting but I will have to remember next time.


So with all the pet loving going on I figure maybe I can make some people really really happy with some immortalized paintings of these furry friends. Very excited about how these pet portraits could work towards the movement and cause of Awake Ministries!