Hey what’s your favorite pet?

Dog? Cat? Iguana?

Do you like to dress up your pet?

In those cute little weatherproof outfits?

Hey. I live in North America.

Updates? My piano skills are being resurrected, as I’d stopped playing since February of ’05. Now I’m learning at least one amazing song a day. It’s dramatically shifting my intimacy with God into a higher gear, as there’s no way you can sing truth, and not be moved by what you’re singing.

Pumping out the art as well these days. Thanks to this little news slice, thank you James Green.


…I’ve had a few interested customers who want to invest in original art.

My most recent project is Kody. For $450 he’s going on a 24″x30″ canvas in oils, due by Christmas. Here’s his photo:


Some people have told me I’m selling my work for so cheap that I’m giving other artists a bad name. Let’s just laugh at that hahaha! But still others act like they can’t afford it. Haha! I value what I do because I know I can make the image accurate and true to original design. But value is in the eye of the beholder, or sometimes after your dead, if you’re an artist. OR by knowing the right people. Take Rothko for instance. He talked to the right people…


His paintings are now selling for around $32 million a piece. That said, I never intended to try and make a living being an artist, though the profound radius of influence would be helpful.

I want to create a collection of work in oils about random truths about living in developed society. As a counsellor, over the past several months, it has become very obvious that the problems we have here in this part of the world could simply not be afforded or sustained during long exposure in less developed environments.

Can’t overwork, over drink, over eat, over ruminate. Maybe you can over heat, but you won’t have time to feel gloomy about it. Too much going on. In an environment that can’t even afford the luxury of managing anxiety, anxiety will be much less of a focus since your immediate attention is required at all times. I so look forward to taking a team for the first time out of the developed world with the Awake framework.

It was so encouraging to meet with some people here the past few weeks from Bethel church in Redding California. I don’t know what’s in the water there, but they seem to have some intense Kingdom perspective. Whatever it is I want to find out more.


We had Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger releasing some amazing sounds at Glad Tidings church, which nearly tore down every wall of resistance. Unreal. Then Steve and Wendy Backlund. Wow, I couldn’t write fast enough to record all the gold they were pouring out. You know someone’s got a gift when they seem to accurately vocalize the character of love, joy or peace as naturally as we breathe. Anointed. Super excited.

Merry Christmas! Haha