So how was everybody’s New Years celebrations? Mine was ok. Just keepin it real ya know?

I took the above panoramic photo of my parents when we were out for breakfast one morning. My parents are AMAZING. They’ve been through so much. Even after drinking several cups of rejection, they’ve turned out pretty great. Check out homelesspartners.com, it’s just a fraction of the ways they have ministered to this community because of their faith.

As far as art commissioning goes, some incredible outpouring in response to the roundhouse exhibit in esquimalt, as well as from a recent news story by my friend James Green. Thank you James! And thank you Mrs. Mariash if you are reading. I still would love to paint your mom:)

A couple new interesting things: I’m going into pre-paramedic school as of January 13. I get bored easily and thrive in intense environments so let’s see where it goes. I bought the text months ago and have been pre-studying. Like ..obsessively. It’s going to be an intense 3 weeks. Yeah. 3. It seems like glorified first aid medical responder. Then you’re thrown onto the field where there is a natural screening process that sifts out the faint of hearts. As an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), I will deal with people on potentially the worst day of their lives. This field is supposedly life vs death, and generally a huge step away from dealing with customer service: “I said I wanted my coffee BLACK!!!!!!” Or….I hope it’s a far cry from that kind of work. Here’s hoping.

It has been so great to witness how God wants us to use the work of our talents and do what we love so that that we can do more of what we love. There is no doubt in my mind that God wants me to succeed, and its the enemy that wants me to fail. Let’s not get those two confused. Keep moving from glory to glory: that is our original design. IF you are pursuing God and trying to do his will, SOME people will be supportive. But, EVEN when others try to shut you down, make you feel guilty or try and kill your dreams for whatever great intentions and concerns (or not) they might have, just KEEP GOING. If your heart is to seek God and know his real character, the overflow that comes out of you WILL be SUPERNATURAL LOVE.

All of what I have earned in commissions for art is going to facilitate this next trip…

I don’t know if I told anyone yet. I’m going to Haiti. February 9th. Just a short trip. But since Michael has never been to a place like Haiti before, I know it will be a great opportunity. Hey. Mike said he was willing! I remember I used to get crazy anxiety before my trips to Haiti at first. And now my heart is about to explode with anticipation and love and excitement. I am fully seized with wild hunger and expectancy for how I’m going to see God move in MY HEART when I get there. I don’t know about you but I need perspective. Revival. A good punch in the face with real community. Need to get OUT of my head, human brilliance, logic, intellect for a bit. Stop leaning on my own understanding…read that somewhere…where could it be.. Woooooooo!!! Special thanks to my friend Wendy who I have yet to meet:) Glory to God, He is worthy of it all.