About Us

About Us


Awake Ministries is a federally and provincially registered non-profit organization. Established in 2012 by Phoebe Keeran as a way to learn from the poor the value of hunger for what matters most in life, true authentic community, and healthy perspective on struggles. This ministry works to awaken the first world to deeper intimacy with God, based on the ironic Biblical reality that “last is first” (Matthew 20:16), “weak is strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10), “poor is rich” (James 2:5).


Awake facilitates more than just STM opportunities to love and help the poor and needy. Our mandate is to gain perspective on many of life’s priorities and struggles through the experience and framework. Teams will have the option of staying on an established base in any of the following countries: Haiti, Mozambique, Peru, India, Central and South America.


Before a believer even enters an economically poor country, Awake Ministries exists to frame the mentality of the person. Going in low, with humility, and suspended judgment, in order to learn how to really love those living in poverty. Developing a high regard and respect for the people we will be living among, and viewing them as having something to offer us instead of the other way around. Identifying the mental, emotional and mostly spiritual advantages of living with this people group.




To awaken the developed world to deeper intimacy with our Maker, through visiting, loving and learning from those living in extreme material poverty.




• Mobilize small groups of people who are willing to participate and go experience an Awake trip.

• Engage in Presence-centered awareness of culture shock by learning and debriefing with team members once in economically poor country.

• Act on a growing compassion to help the poor with basic needs and identify different types of poverty.

• Process through the reverse culture shock upon return to economically rich country, its unique challenges, and continue exercising the breakthrough gains.

• Enlist anyone who is willing in the developed world to deeper measures of faith in God’s highly interactive and present nature.




• We believe that God calls the poor and poor in spirit blessed to inherit His Kingdom.

• We believe that God desires to equip His people to effectively disciple those who are seeking the Lord.

• We believe that God calls us to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, and everything else is secondary.

• We believe that God desires for each of us to know the depth of His intense, present and intimate love for the world, His people; you.


Staff & Board of Directors:


Executive Director: Phoebe Keeran

Born in El Paso, Texas, Phoebe grew up in North Vancouver, BC, as a dual citizen. She has an M.A in Counselling Psychology and a passion for portrait art. Phoebe experienced a radical awakening during a mission trip to Haiti with YWAM in 2010, after the massive earthquake in Port Au Prince. Her heart was rocked by the response of the local people to this disaster and how God moved during this time in that part of the world. She now has an interest in supernatural love, and continuing to value what she learned from how people react to the character of God within the context of extreme poverty. Phoebe has been to economically poor countries several times and has contacts to send out teams to places like Haiti, Mozambique, India, Peru, Mexico, Central and South America. Starting this ministry has been a fulfillment of God’s calling on her life and every step of it has been overwhelming joy. Phoebe is excited to have people join together globally in this experiential perspective.


Board Member: Michael Shivji

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